“As a result of what I do in my coaching workshops and Grow Inspired Academy membership, my students are empowered to grow their own nourishing organic food and drastically reduce their waste.

I am seeking people who are ready to transform their lives by eating fresh, nutrient-rich food picked from their own back garden, the way nature intended.

I want to connect with people and businesses ready to make a difference to the world by eliminating the useless rubbish they send to landfill and instead, putting goodness back into the soil to complete nature’s healthy cycle.

I am passionate about sustainable living, nutrient-rich food production and large-scale organic garden development, with experience spanning over three decades.

My mission is to inspire others to grow their own food.”

– Claire Mummery, Founder –

Regular columnist in New Zealand Herald’s VIVA Magazine – Be Well supplement

Grow Well with Claire Mummery

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Sustainability is at the very heart of Claire’s approach. As a passionate advocate for organic principles, Grow Inspired and the Grow Inspired Academy get results without chemicals.

Claire uses Effective Microorganisms (EM), Bokashi and natural pest deterrents to create and maintain rich soils with a structure that supports healthy plant growth.

Based on Waiheke Island, Auckland, and available for consultation globally, Grow Inspired offers a varied range of services, from consultations, garden transformations, small and large-scale food production, and food waste processing systems.

Claire has founded the Grow Inspired Academy; her online membership site teaching people around the globe how to successfully grow their own nutrient-rich food at home and how to compost. Members learn at their own pace with access to bundles on all the secrets of organic gardening – from pest and disease management to companion planting.

Claire shares her time between projects for private clients, attending speaking engagements, hosting workshops and distributing an organic range of products that she believes in.

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Picture featured courtesy of the New Zealand Herald’s Viva Magazine, taken by Babiche Martens and is subject to copyright.

From the moment I sat down in the first lesson in Claire Mummery’s GROW YOUR OWN FOOD four week course, it was very obvious to me that Claire was hugely knowledgable about organic gardening. She so generously shared information and gave me such inspiration to grow nutrient dense vegetables from soil, well prepared from natural sources. We went home each week with seeds to plant and little plants to nurture. The lessons were structured but furnished with so many extra tips – all of them profoundly useful. Claire thank you so much for enriching my ability to grow. I learnt so much. 

Jules Pattison, workshop & Academy member

“Since meeting Claire her passion, wisdom and expertise has not only inspired me in my garden but also given me confidence to try new things, and feel good about the progress I am making. Claire is always there to answer any questions and goes out of her way to help whenever and where ever she can. Her enthusiasm overflows and shows in everything she does. I feel blessed to call Claire not only my gardening mentor but also my friend. And my garden looks pretty darn good as well.”

Tammy, private client, Waiheke Island