“As a result of what I do in my coaching workshops and Grow Inspired Academy membership, my students are empowered to grow their own nourishing organic food and drastically reduce their waste.

I am seeking people who are ready to transform their lives by eating fresh, nutrient-rich food picked from their own back garden, the way nature intended.

I want to connect with people and businesses ready to make a difference to the world by eliminating the useless rubbish they send to landfill and instead, putting goodness back into the soil to complete nature’s healthy cycle.

I am passionate about sustainable living, nutrient-rich food production and large-scale organic garden development, with experience spanning over three decades.

My mission is to inspire others to grow their own food.”

– Claire Mummery, Founder –

Regular columnist in New Zealand Herald’s VIVA Magazine – Be Well supplement

Grow Well with Claire Mummery

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Sustainability is at the very heart of Claire’s approach. As a passionate advocate for organic principles, Grow Inspired and the Grow Inspired Academy get results without chemicals.

Claire uses Effective Microorganisms (EM), Bokashi and natural pest deterrents to create and maintain rich soils with a structure that supports healthy plant growth.

Based on Waiheke Island, Auckland, and available for consultation globally, Grow Inspired offers a varied range of services, from consultations, garden transformations, small and large-scale food production, and food waste processing systems.

Claire has founded the Grow Inspired Academy; her online membership site teaching people around the globe how to successfully grow their own nutrient-rich food at home and how to compost. Members learn at their own pace with access to bundles on all the secrets of organic gardening – from pest and disease management to companion planting.

Claire shares her time between projects for private clients, attending speaking engagements, hosting workshops and distributing an organic range of products that she believes in.

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Picture featured courtesy of the New Zealand Herald’s Viva Magazine, taken by Babiche Martens and is subject to copyright.

“I have taken two classes with Claire and am amazed at the fountain of knowledge that she possesses. She is a kind and gentle teacher, never making anyone feel they are poor in their lack of knowledge, instead she nurtures to give the feeling that anyone can grow their own food.

Her slogan “magic does happen” is very apt for her teaching, and she shows you the easy tricks that you can use to make it happen in your own garden. Every little plant is a success story to Claire, and it makes each of her students proud to be able to flourish. Her gift of information has given me the confidence to try to grow many plants that I would otherwise have given up on. Even tomatoes are looking healthy in my garden, whereas I have never had any success with them before. I can highly recommend Claire for her wonderful calm and giving approach, let her help you make magic happen in your garden.”

Adam, workshop student, Waiheke Island

“Well before meeting Claire about 3 years ago I had herd about her from several people who refer to her as an “Organic Gardening Guru”. I was planning to build a large organic garden on our farm so I decided to do one of Claire’s evening courses at the high school and see what she had to offer.

All I can say is WOW – she is amazing, never was there a question in the large class she couldn’t answer and not just from a theoretical point of view. Claire eats, sleeps, drinks and breathes Organic gardening and has tried it all! Claire has been gardening most of her life and has run large vineyard restaurant growing programs in world class restaurants like Cable Bay and Poderi Crisci. Claire has also organised council funded composting programs round Auckland.

Claire is a great teacher – she puts everything in a clear, easy to understand way and follows it up by getting you to do practical examples in class or on class site visits. Claire comes to your garden and offers helpful suggestions and support.

If you are time poor she can even take care of the work needing to be done for a more than reasonable rate with her team of well-trained gardeners. I have no hesitation in recommending this wonderful lady and am only too happy to speak with anyone considering her classes or garden work.”

Adam Stevens, workshop student, Waiheke Island