5 top tips to control weeds in your garden

1. Stop weeds by considering how they spread – by seed dispersal, birds and wind. Be mindful to cut the flower heads off your weeds before they turn to seeds. If your thistles are going to flower, be sure to cut the heads off as these can especially be a real pain if left to go to seed. They will infest your garden beds and surrounding areas. 

2. Control what you bring into your garden – when you buy plants from the garden centres, remember to check the soil around the plants for stowaway weeds! It may surprise you to learn that quite a few weeds will get into your garden this way and most of them are not friendly weeds! Garden centres have actually been a very high contributor of oxalis in gardens. Oxalis is a plant that can be very hard to get rid of, as it forms bulbs under the soil and when the plant is pulled, the bulbs explode creating numerous more plants. 

3. Avoid chemicals and control growth with nature – a heavy mulch over weeds can really help stem their growth. 

4. Appreciate weeds for what they have to contribute in the garden – remember weeds are good for your compost, especially thistles which are very high in calcium. Weeds are a good nitrogen layer in the compost and also add moisture. 

5. Feed with weeds – If your weeds have seed heads or long roots, I have found a good way to deal with them is to put them in a barrel of water and, when dissolved, simply water your garden with the dissolved weed mixture for a bit of nourishment.

Happy weeding everyone!

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