Bokashi Composting

A passionate advocate of composting food and garden waste, Claire Mummery can provide expertise on a residential and commercial scale, with experience including commercial kitchens, communal systems in developing countries, large scale community events and food waste composting hubs.

She is renowned for her knowledge on establishing circular economies of food waste (CEFW) and works collaboratively on projects around the globe with the aim of finding regenerative solutions to growing food by using food waste, which has an array of exciting applications.

Bokashi – a closed anaerobic composting system – is the circular economy of food waste. It is a simple process that allows you to process your food scraps from the kitchen and the table back into the soil to enable you to grow more nutrient-rich food. This simple process can be used for a wide variety of applications and on a vast scale.

Claire has trained at Kyusei Nature Farm in applications of Effective Microorganisms in animal husbandry, waterway restoration, septic systems and nature farming, soil restoration and pest control.

The benefits of using the bran inoculated with EM (effective microorganisms) is that it accelerates the breaking down of the food waste when in your soil, which improves soil structure, retaining vital nutrients and water. It also helps to stabilise pH levels, promotes earthworm activity, suppresses plant diseases and helps break up clay-based soils, while feeding the soil millions of beneficial microorganisms.

Claire’s consultation services can be offered for establishing circular waste systems and Bokashi composting for the following:

» commercial, including hotel and restaurant food waste systems, eco resorts, and businesses around the globe

» community, including schools, retirement villages, local councils and small communities in developing countries

» conducting Food Waste Audits

» education, with the following range of workshop options:

        • ‘Growing your own food with your food waste’ workshops
        • ‘Bokashi and the soil’ workshop, (min 10 people)
        • ‘Bokashi Bran making  and expanding your own EM1 microbes’ workshops
        • ‘Creating a food hub using Bokashi with food waste’
        • Bokashi workshops, (min 10 people)

Claire is able to supply large-scale Bokashi bins, EM (Effective Microorganisms), and nutrient dense fertilisers. Visit her products page to find out more.

For a consultation about your composting needs, please get in touch directly.

Claire is endorsed by ZingBokashiNZ, EMNZ and Environmental Fertilisers.