How to set up your autumn / winter garden ready for sustenance over the coming months!

Anyone who knows me or reads my blogs will know that one of my fundamental philosophies is that anyone can grow a garden……

All we need is already there in our back yard, balconies or even inside our houses! That and a MINDSET!

We are now living in very interesting times and the way you choose to think is important.

How many of you were prepared before the panic set in?

How many of you panic-bought?

Please don’t think you have missed the boat for your garden, as autumn/winter sowing and planting has just begun.

Growing food is an essential part of living now. It has been an essential part of my life since I was a young girl. My grandparents grew food for their families which was a lifeline during the war, as a garden was how you survived and fed everyone.

For those of you in a panic about your winter or summer garden, the home life couldn’t have come at a better time with the seasons. Autumn is here and it is the perfect time for growing winter sustenance and in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is upon you.

How can I set up my garden?

If you are starting from scratch, look at what resources you have at home.

Collect all your brown leaves into a pile, pull the grass out and put it in a separate pile, keep your lawn clippings separate too. There you go – you have the start of a club sandwich garden. How easy was that!

What shall I plant?

With the moon rising now, is the time to sow seed/plants that grow above the ground.

Lettuce, Rocket, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Spinach, Kale, Micros, Mesculun, Silverbeet, Herbs and flowers, land cress to name a few.

Kings Seeds is still open and you can order what you need online – I highly recommend them for quality and service!

Below is a chart to give you a little insight into what your plants require of you. I suggest digging in your bokashi or compost in preparation for planting some of the above plants and give it a good water, sticking your finger in the soil to check that it is wetter than the surface looks.

How do I take care of my plants?

My top tip is to soak in EM (effective microorganisms) or worm juice prior to transplanting.

When transplanted, I recommend to water or spray with kelp or worm juice and then feed every two weeks with EM and Kelp.

If you are growing broad beans, a side dressing of potash will be beneficial through the growing season.

Mulch when big enough – this will protect from soil splash from the rain.

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  1. many thanks for all your wonderful ideas and the type of plants to put in our garden. This is beautiful autumn weather and a real joy to spend time in our gardens

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