Nature’s secret ingredient… EM

What is EM?

EM stands for Effective Microorganisms. It is a technology that was developed in Japan in the 80s by Dr Higa. EM is now used in over 140 countries around the globe.

EM consists of natural occurring microorganisms that are applied as inoculants to increase the microbial diversity of plants and soils.

I have been using EM in my growing practices for over 10 years. I have done many experiments using it to aid faster seed germination, early maturity in vegetables, health of plants, soil health and on my chickens.

In 2013, I had the pleasure to meet Margit Olle who, at the time, was a researcher for the Estonian Crop Institute. She has done an incredible amount of study on the growth of vegetables using EM and has published a book on the subject.

My experience of using EM has had some outstanding results.

I have obtained early maturity on broccoli, faster germination of seeds, better plant health and an odour-free chook pen and healthy chickens.

With vegetables, I have observed better cell structure in the plants, healthier stems and fruit, an increase in flowers, less disease and it is an incredible soil conditioner. EM solution can be diluted up to 1/1000, making it a very economical application. I generally apply EM at a dilution of 1/100 and sometimes stronger, depending on what I am experimenting on.

Later this year I will have the pleasure of visiting the EM centre in Saraburi Thailand, to see how they are using it.

EM is not just a way of the future, EM is a way for NOW!

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