Essential Summer Flower Bundle


This Essential Summer Flower Bundle includes:

Enspray 99 Spraying Oil, 200ml. Can be applied every 3-4 weeks in an organic maintenance programme. Can also be mixed with above products. Use for aphids, leaf miners, psyllids, thrips, whitefly, citrus sooty mould and black spot on roses

Liquid Kelp, 1 litre. A soluble source of kelp which contains amino acids, chelating agents and trace elements. Improves frost protection, insect resistance, shelf life, and boosts soil life activity. Can be used as a rescue remedy for times of plant stress
Nature’s Secret Ingredient (EM), 1 litre. Effective Microorganisms, which support germination, root formation, plant growth, plant ripening and protects against pests and disease
Flower Optimise, 1 litre. A power packed fertiliser to maximise flowering capacity, full of growth energising minerals and vitamins. Improves flowering, enhances mineral levels, early maturity and stronger coloured blooms


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