Essential Winter Pruning Bundle


This essential winter pruning bundle includes:

Enspray 99 Spraying Oil, 200ml. Can be applied every 3-4 weeks in an organic maintenance programme. Can also be mixed with above products. Use for aphids, leaf miners, psyllids, thrips, whitefly, citrus sooty mould and black spot on roses

Organic Pruning Paste, 200ml. A unique, BioGro certified, paint-on application, pine-based product that provides an effective natural barrier against fungal and bacterial diseases. A biodegradable organic pine tar that poses no specific risk to plants, waterways or land

Free Flo Copper, 100g. Use for infestations and winter dormancy on fruit trees. Ideal to combat black spot, brown rot, buxus blight, fire blight, leaf curl, rust and verrucosis

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