The Ultimate Fruit Tree Package


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Always wanted a producing orchard? Inherited some fruit trees on your property that need a bit of love and care? Are your fruit trees getting out of control? This is the package for you!

  • Prepares your fruit trees for the next season, keeping them tidy over winter, nourished and ready to produce from spring onwards
  • Includes 3 x one hour consultations with Claire Mummery in spring, summer and autumn to review your specific desires and furnish you with the advice you need to manage your trees, including pruning. Can take place over a Skype or Zoom video call
  • Includes all the products you’ll need for your fruit trees, controlling pests and disease and optimising growth for the coming seasons – Pruning paste (200ml), Free Flo Copper (100g), ENSpray 99 (200ml), Bio-Power (100g), Nutrient Dense Fertiliser Blend (4ltr), Fruit Optimise (1ltr), Flower Optimise (1ltr) & EM ‘Nature’s Secret Ingredient’ (1ltr)

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