Winter Garden Package


For the perfect harvest all season

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Not sure what to do with your garden over winter and what you can plant to have a winter harvest? Confused about how to prepare your soil so it’s nourished and ready to produce for the winter season? This is the package for you!

  • Includes one hour consultation with Claire Mummery to determine your specific goals and the current garden environment. Can take place via Skype or Zoom video call
  • Includes all the products you’ll need to get your winter garden flourishing – Liquid Kelp (1ltr), EMAS Nature’s Secret Ingredient (1ltr), Fruit Optimise (1ltr) and Nutrient Dense Fertiliser Blend (4ltr)
  • Downloadable step-by-step six month plan that specifies exactly when and what to plant to have an autumn and winter harvest and what crops to sow to replenish your soil

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