The key to Claire’s success is focusing on creating and maintaining rich soil in a sustainable way. From edible gardens in the home to full estate management, Claire can create sustainable environments for food to grow. From woodlots to shelter belts, edible orchards and vegetables, your land can produce nutrient-rich and delicious food.

Claire prioritises good soil biology for healthy plants and soil. A key focus of her work comprises making large scale composts and soil using effective micro-organisms, bokashi, compost teas and vermicast. Improving soil structure using nutrient dense fertilisers generates ‘magical’ results.

Having successfully developed, implemented and managed sustainable food gardens and orchards using Effective Microorganisms (EM) and nutrient dense fertilisers at two of Waiheke Island’s most popular vineyards, Claire is well positioned to provide strategic advice on large-scale food waste systems using Bokashi, large-scale composting and soil management, site development, sustainable plantings and food forests. She is renowned for her excellent vision in being able to clearly visualise the true beauty of what a garden can become with a little bit of hard work.

Claire offers commercial consultation, private garden landscaping, one-off planning and garden consultations, classes, workshops and public speaking. With a successful team of trained maintenance staff, Claire is able to provide assistance with almost any garden requirements.

Claire has also founded the Grow Inspired Academy, where she shares her invaluable knowledge with gardeners around the globe – from the comfort of their own homes! An online membership site, the Academy offers access to Claire’s 30+ years of gardening experience as learning bundles on all the essential topics and skills of organic food growing and composting.

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Claire Mummery is available to travel nationally and globally as required.