Success Series: 5 steps to growing the best organic tomatoes

In the first of this Success Series, I want to share my secret techniques to growing the best tomatoes – without chemicals, pesticides or magic tricks! Give these five easy steps a try and see if you can also enjoy summer success with your tomatoes.

When I grow my tomatoes either from seed or plant, I take the following action:

Step 1

I soak the seedling in EM (effective microorganisms).

Step 2

I spray fortnightly with EM and Liquid Kelp which help to keep the strength and health of the plant up throughout the growing season.

Step 3

When it comes into flower, I feed with a healthy dose of EM and Kelp, plus Flower Optimise which increases flower production and helps flowers set to fruit.

Step 4

When the fruit is formed, I spray with EM, Kelp and Fruit Optimise for the rest of the season. I use these products as they help create strong cell structure, good flower and fruit production and increase nutrient density of my food. A healthy plant vibration will repel and prevent pests and disease – removing the need to deal with them.

Step 5

Periodically throughout the season, I will add potash as a side dressing to my tomatoes – potassium is a major nutrient required by your tomatoes. So if you have been saving the ash from your fire over winter, this is a great time to use it. I water mine in.


For those of you who don’t know about these helpful products, I have summarised their benefits here for you. These products are natural and organic and can be mixed together and sprayed all as one treatment, with no side effects. They are also rescue remedies at times of pest and disease. EnSpray 99 certified oil can be used as a sticking agent.

I have tried and tested these products over the last 15 years with amazing results, and this is the only reason I sell them.

I am pleased to announce that I have just launched an Essential Summer Product Bundle, which is available now in my online store, and includes all the products you need to grow a healthy, organic and nourishing crop this season. There is no need to buy separate foods for different veggies. Simple! Just choose between fruit or flower, depending on your aims.


EM (Effective Microorganisms)

  • Reduces pests by out-competing them on all plant surfaces and in your soil
  • Improves the process of plant growth from seed to fruit, giving bigger and higher yields
  • Helps plants to take up all the nutrients they need, creating nutrient-dense food
  • Helps remove toxins from soil and plants
  • Improves plant and soil health
  • Can even be used on your chook poop to reduce odour


Liquid Kelp

  • Increases pest and disease resistance
  • Boosts soil life activity
  • Helps plant structure in times of stress from climatic conditions
  • Increases shelf life of produce


Flower Optimise

  • Improves flowering of plants
  • Enhances mineral levels
  • Encourages bigger and better blooms on all flowering plants, not just veggies and fruit
  • Increase colour of blooms
  • Encourages more flowering


Fruit Optimise

  • Increases natural growth hormones producing bigger and better vegetables
  • Improves root structure
  • Increases yield
  • Increases mineral levels


Happy gardening!

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