“Claire and her team transformed my garden from a bit of a neglected overgrown and under-planted mess, to a tidy, productive and visually attractive garden.  The fruit trees are thriving, the winter garden is giving and every time I go outside I get such pleasure out of the flowers that have been pruned and/or planted.  I had let my garden get to the overwhelming point, but now I am able to potter to my heart’s content and largely keep on top of it.  And if and when I can’t, I’ll be calling them in again.”

Karen Blair, private client, Auckland

“Thanks again for presenting such a wonderful inspiring workshop. Your experience and passion for better living shines through. I left inspired; collected the fallen grapefruit on my section, found some tiger worms for my new worm bin, and made plans to start a Bokashi.”

Natalie Wild, workshop student, Waiheke Island

“I have taken two classes with Claire and am amazed at the fountain of knowledge that she possesses. She is a kind and gentle teacher, never making anyone feel they are poor in their lack of knowledge, instead she nurtures to give the feeling that anyone can grow their own food.

Her slogan “magic does happen” is very apt for her teaching, and she shows you the easy tricks that you can use to make it happen in your own garden. Every little plant is a success story to Claire, and it makes each of her students proud to be able to flourish. Her gift of information has given me the confidence to try to grow many plants that I would otherwise have given up on. Even tomatoes are looking healthy in my garden, whereas I have never had any success with them before. I can highly recommend Claire for her wonderful calm and giving approach, let her help you make magic happen in your garden.”

Adam, workshop student, Waiheke Island

“Since meeting Claire her passion, wisdom and expertise has not only inspired me in my garden but also given me confidence to try new things, and feel good about the progress I am making. Claire is always there to answer any questions and goes out of her way to help whenever and where ever she can. Her enthusiasm overflows and shows in everything she does. I feel blessed to call Claire not only my gardening mentor but also my friend. And my garden looks pretty darn good as well.”

Tammy, private client, Waiheke Island

“Before I met Claire I was totally intimidated by my garden. I never knew what to plant or how to take care of it. Claire has given me the confidence to get in there and just do it! She is an amazing gardener and a wonderful teacher. Her patience and generosity seem to know no bounds and her enthusiasm is infectious.”

Suzie, workshop student, Waiheke Island

“Claire’s teaching style and experience is so engaging, whatever level you are at. Everyone goes home beaming with new ideas and totally inspired to get composting and gardening. Claire passion is infectious!”

Kristin Busher, Projects Coordinator, Waiheke Resource Trust