The secret to growing delicious food WITHOUT pests and disease

What the gardening industry doesn’t want you to know…

To celebrate the launch of the Grow Inspired Academy – my new online membership site to learn how to grow food, compost, protect from pests and disease and much more – I have released a free downloadable guide packed with insider knowledge from my 30+ years gardening.

I reveal my organic gardening secrets to keeping pests and disease away WITHOUT the chemicals. Gardening centres would happily have you believe that you need to buy a plethora of expensive mixes, sprays, oils and magic fairy dust (!) to protect your garden from these plagues…

BUT at the Grow Inspired Academy, I show you how to achieve this without chemicals, and without spending lots of money. This 11-page guide gives you a sneak preview of the rich knowledge and essential tips I share throughout my membership site, designed with easy-to-follow bundles on these important topics and skills.

This topic isn’t one we cover for a few months yet inside the membership, but here I am giving you access to get ahead of the class!

And it’s yours for free!

Simply click below to get your hands on your own copy of this must-know download…


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