What is the one magic product to control pest and disease organically?

EnSpray 99 oil is a certified Bio-Gro organic spraying oil used to control numerous pests and diseases.

The magic of this oil is two-fold – it works both as a slippery lubricant that prevents pests and disease from taking hold of your plant AND it acts to smother any pests you already have. It’s nifty stuff, let me tell you! And the very best part – it’s totally organic!

I use it for scale on my lemons and other perennial plants; I also use it in the control of:

  • Aphids
  • Whitefly
  • Mites
  • Thrips
  • Mealy bug
  • Psllyds
  • Botrytis
  • Powdery mildew
  • and on my pip and stone fruit.

I have had immense success using this oil combined with other products such as kelp, EM (effective microorganisms), Fruit Optimise and Flower Optimise.

Top tip: When combining with other ingredients/elixirs, you must remember to add the oil last.

How do I organically control scale with EnSpray 99?

In the case of scale, a good spray on the top and bottom of the leaves is required, as well as along the stem. After spraying, leave for a few days and then the scale will be dead and will easily wipe off. Repeat every month or bi weekly.

How do I organically control whitefly with EnSpray 99?

With a whitefly infestation, it is best sprayed under the leaves as this is where all the larvae and nymphs are, and again, this will smother them. If you have mixed it with the other tonics I mention above, you will also feed and strengthen the plant at the same time – crucial after an attack. It is best to apply in the morning or evening and on a calm, still day.

When applying for flying insects, I find it is best to spray the air above the plant first, as this will reach all the insects that fly upwards when you approach.

How do I organically protect fruit trees with EnSpray 99?

I find it is always good to apply EnSpray 99 oil to my fruit trees over winter and spring on a monthly basis as, while our trees appear dormant, there can be a lot going on in the bug and disease world. Slight splits in trunks and broken branches can be a great place for insects and diseases to overwinter and spring to life when the weather turns warmer.

To me, EnSpray 99 really is a wonder oil to have in your organic armoury for the fight against pest and disease. Do get in touch with your own success stories – I love to hear from you! If you need to top up your EnSpray 99 oil supplies, it is available here on my website.

Happy spraying and gardening

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