“Fantastic workshop! Thanks to Waiheke Resources Trust, Kristin Busher and Claire Mummery for an enjoyable and most informative morning! Great to see others keen to learn too. Do yourself, your garden, your soil, your friends and family and the planet a favour and join these workshops!!!

“We are blessed that we have the opportunity and special people in our community who want to share their knowledge”

Mandy Jackson, workshop student, Waiheke Island

“Can’t believe how this magic liquid has transformed my ailing plants.
Got rid of thrips on my Lilly Pilly, black mould on my hibiscus and my limes, mandarins and blueberries are looking amazing and thriving.
It is so easy to use and even smells good.  I have been spraying it on the foliage of infected plants weekly and feeding my plants with it also by watering it in.
Everything looks so healthy, lush and green.

I’ve been telling everyone I know about it!”

Debra Yearsley, EM customer

“Claire and the Grow Inspired team have done a fantastic job of planting and now maintaining our garden  – Claire is an enthusiastic and practical gardener and a great communicator”

Liz Elston Mayhew, client, Waiheke Island

“There isn’t much Claire doesn’t know about plants, composting, pruning – you name it, she knows it. But she also makes fabulous Calendula cream.

“I had been trying a pharmacy-recommended cream for a rash and getting no results, so I went to my faithful jar of Claire’s Calendula cream.

“Result? Improvement in two days!

“After a full time career and years of working outside, Claire’s own use of her cream is a testament in itself. Throw out your old creams, and use this all purpose wonder cream!”

Marion Bridge, Calendula cream customer

“Well before meeting Claire about 3 years ago I had herd about her from several people who refer to her as an “Organic Gardening Guru”. I was planning to build a large organic garden on our farm so I decided to do one of Claire’s evening courses at the high school and see what she had to offer.

All I can say is WOW – she is amazing, never was there a question in the large class she couldn’t answer and not just from a theoretical point of view. Claire eats, sleeps, drinks and breathes Organic gardening and has tried it all! Claire has been gardening most of her life and has run large vineyard restaurant growing programs in world class restaurants like Cable Bay and Poderi Crisci. Claire has also organised council funded composting programs round Auckland.

Claire is a great teacher – she puts everything in a clear, easy to understand way and follows it up by getting you to do practical examples in class or on class site visits. Claire comes to your garden and offers helpful suggestions and support.

If you are time poor she can even take care of the work needing to be done for a more than reasonable rate with her team of well-trained gardeners. I have no hesitation in recommending this wonderful lady and am only too happy to speak with anyone considering her classes or garden work.”

Adam Stevens, workshop student, Waiheke Island

“Claire and Grow Inspired is a platform for rich learning, radical connection with our land and activated social change. I recently attended a composting workshop with Claire at the Waiheke Sustainability Centre and walked away a more empowered human, armed with pearls of garden wisdom that are almost inaccessible these days.

The workshop allowed me to realise my green thumb potential and network with other like-minded people in our tight-knit community here on the island.

In this way, Claire is a woman who embodies her mission: she inspires you to grow food with wholehearted intention and love. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience with us – I am preaching the word of effective microorganisms almost every day! Ha! Kia ora & nga mihi, Claire.”

Alice McSherry, workshop student, Waiheke Island

“I have known Claire Mummery for a number of years.

I have found her to be a highly skilled gardener, with expert knowledge on the use of Bokashi for food waste composting. Claire has excellent knowledge on different techniques using Bokashi on a small and large scale, including the use of Bokashi juice for improving the health status of food crops.

Claire also has excellent knowledge in the use of EM technology in gardens and vineyards.”

Mike Daly, Owner of EMNZ, Christchurch

“Claire was able to pull me out of the feeling of overwhelm I was stuck in by developing a systematic plan and strategy that will help us develop a garden we love and can maintain with the time we have available. Very reassuring to have someone so knowledgeable help us through this process. Her and team have done a very thorough job so far and be assured, there’s no time wasting. They just get stuck in. Highly recommend.”

Lisa Paris, private client, Waiheke Island

“Claire is my gardening coach. She has a massive challenge because I have minimal knowledge.
But thanks to Claire I’m enjoying the journey. Learning about moon phases and plant growth;
enriching the soil; as well as a focus on organic principals with no chemicals.

Also my knowledge is growing about the importance of using food waste/bokashi. As well as
using nutrient rich fertilisers. Plus (EM) Effective Microorganisms to enhance the soil ecosystem,
and using natural pest deterrents.

Still heaps to learn and put into practice. It gives me tons of personal satisfaction growing our own food. Thanks Claire hang in there!”

Sir Graham Henry, private client, Waiheke Island

“Claire was a fantastic ‘ guru gardener’ for us at a time when we needed guidance and help with tackling our 36 fruit trees. She gave us the confidence to prune our own trees by first explaining the concepts then with great patience allowing us to try ourselves as she watched on . This helped us to come to grips with a job in the garden that we had previously found daunting. She generously passed on a lot of knowledge throughout the day and left us with organic  fertilisers and the promise of an ongoing connection which we will be excited to continue with as the season progresses. Claire’s passion for organic gardening is infectious and her energy is truly admirable . Thanks so much Claire!”

Jo Larkin, private client, Waiheke Island